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June 25, 2019

Revenue for the State is expected to reach 1,863 million euros

2019 expected to bring in 5% higher lottery revenue for Spain

2019 expected to bring in 5% higher lottery revenue for Spain
This week, Minister of Finance María Jesús Montero submitted the 2019 Budget bill to the President of the Senate Ana Pastor.
Spain | 01/17/2019

This week, Spain officially inaugurated the debate on this year's management of public funds with the 2019 Budget legislative debate.


We expect national gambling will beat 2018 records by 5%," says Spain's Minister of Finances María Jesús Montero amidst presentation of the 2019 General Budget. The event also featured Undersecretary of Finance Pilar Paneque, Secretary of Expenses and Budget María José Gualda, and Secretary of Finance Inés Bardón.

Behind this move is the Government's desire to restore confidence in the national institutions. Minister Montero also asked for "responsibility" from all parties.

"The budget review at the Lower House sets the perfect time for a calm and frank debate, and we trust that every player will be able to share their views in the process," Montero said. The Minister of Finance was convinced that the new budget will pave the way towards "building a fairer country and the best dam that can be raised against extremism."

If the new budget is implemented, the Association of State Lotteries (SELAE) might be looking at a 1,863 million euro collection, a figure that represents a 5% increase (85 million) versus 2018 figures (1,778 million euros).

Yearly turnover is expected to reach 9,150 million, 2% higher than 2018 figures. Operating margins are expected to reach 2,481 million, 4.7% higher than in 2018. Financial expenses will be cut down to 196 million, 51% lower than 2018 records.

President Pedro Sánchez and General Secretary of the Podemos party Pablo Iglesias; in the aftermath of 2019 Budget debate.

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