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August 19, 2019

The proposal is now headed to the lower house

Brazil: Senate committee approves eSports bill

Brazil: Senate committee approves eSports bill
Senator Eduardo Gomes stood up for this proposal before the Committee on Education, Culture and Sports. Picture by Roque de Sá for Agência Senado.
Brazil | 07/05/2019

The author of the bill explained that it aims to legalize this practice, but the guidelines as to which games will be deemed electronic sports will be outlined by means of an executive order.


he Senate’s Committee on Education, Culture and Sports (CE) voted in favor of bill 383/2017, which provides for the recognition, promotion, and regulation of eSports in Brazil, Agência Senado reports. Unless an appeal is submitted requesting for the full Senate’s analysis of the proposal, the bill will move forward to the lower house, the Chamber of Deputies.

As provided for in the bill, professional eSports competitions shall abide by the local and international standards accepted by the entities which promote this activity. According to the bill’s author, Senator Roberto Rocha, virtual sports competitions are—just like traditional sports—"means of socializing, entertainment and learning." The lawmaker said playing eSports could help boost intellectual abilities, as well as strengthen knowledge and motor skills. He pointed out electronic games must not be confused with electronic sports, the actual topic of this proposal.

Senator Eduardo Gomes, who stood up for the bill before the CE, recommended the approval of the proposed text as drafted by the Committee on Science, Technology, Innovation, Communication and IT (CCT), which rewrote the original bill so it was in line with the provisions included in Law 9.615 of 1998, which governs general sport practices.

Gomes admitted two improvements: he excluded the creation of a National eSports Day and agreed to leave out games with sexual and violent content, as well as those games promoting hate, discriminatory practices or drugs from the ‘eSports’ category. The second amendment was suggested by Senator Eduardo Girão. However, the guidelines as to the limits on what shall be considered eSports are to be set forth by an executive order issued by the President.

"This bill is not aimed at defining which specific games can be played, as that would go against the law. The purpose of the proposal is to legalize this modality. The executive order will set the relevant limits and guidelines for its implementation," Rocha explained

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